Gosh, Darn It

I had a wonderful experience yesterday which took me right back to my childhood.

I was listening to CBC Radio and a program where they re-play pieces from the archives. This one was from the well-known morning program called Morningside which was hosted by the inimitable Peter Gzowski. In the early 90s he did a segment on forgotten/lost skills and during the shows he got people to teach him how to do some of those things. Amazingly all done remotely – over the airwaves.

One was how to tie a bow tie – very amusing to listen to instructions being relayed to Peter from some 300 km away. The other was how to darn a sock. It brought back a flood of memories of watching my Mum darn socks especially the school socks when the clothes trunks came home from boarding school for the holidays. The most vivid part of the memory was her using the old light bulb to put the damaged part of the sock over to make the job easier; which is exactly what the lady instructed Peter to do ! I always remember that old light bulb sitting on Mum’s sewing table ready for the next time it was needed.

Many of you will be able to relate to this but many will have no clue about darning socks – does anyone do that that any more in the throw-away culture ? As usual I did a bit of research on trusty Google and behold there are quite a few sites – and several YouTube videos – on how to darn socks ! And if you have several socks to darn each day you can even buy a fancy plastic “darning mushroom” to use instead of a lame old light bulb – gotta love consumerism he he !

So people, gosh darn, no more excuses for not reviving those holey socks and giving them a few more months of life 🙂

How to Darn a Sock – Instructions with Photos                How to Darn a Sock – YouTube Video

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