Arctic Adventure 32 – Back to the North

After a pleasant couple of weeks back in Alberta spending time with family and friends I am back in Cambridge Bay for another couple of months of work – and hopefully some more interesting stories !

The journey back was, as always, a bit of an adventure. The flight from Edmonton to Yellowknife was delayed by 45 minutes due to a mechanical problem which necessitated bringing another aircraft from the hanger. In Yellowknife I was greeted by a departure board that said that my connecting flight had already departed so I was expecting a repeat performance of an overnight stay there !! However they had held the flight and after some confusion I was the last to board.

Interesting flight on a small twin prop Dash 8-100. It has only 21 seats in the forward half of the cabin and the back row is a bench seat of five – so very cramped quarters and fairly noisy with the old props going. The flight was via Kugluktuk – another remote Arctic community – which took 90 minutes to reach and we deplaned for 30 minutes while they refuelled and sorted out cargo. Onward to CB – another 60 minute flight – and I made it back !

Amazing change in the atmosphere of CB even in the two weeks I have been away. The sun is now rising at 5:00 a.m. and only sets at 9:00 p.m. – and that lengthens by 5 minutes at each end, each day, as we head towards perpetual sunshine in June/July. Even now it never really gets pitch-black dark as there is a strong twilight throughout the night. The overnight temperature still averages minus 25C but the sun has some real heat in it and although daytime highs only average minus 15C it is relatively balmy after what we experienced in February and March. Only marred by a constant wind which makes it chilly walking about.

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